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Speaking of the fashion shows recently held in Milan and Paris,I have to say that Chloé is definitely one of the most impressive ones.The new designer, Natacha Ramsay-Levi, brought the cool design he was best at into the elegant and chic style of Chloé, creating a very advanced and casual design. Moreover, the bags of this season also very exciting!

On the previous show stage of Chloé, each season they will launch a new bag, even so hot like Drew bag will no longer appear on the Chloé T station for the second time.But this season, Chloé’s T stage continues the previous bag design, adding new colors and patterns to Drew Bijou, Faye Day and Roy.This also marks that Chloé’s bags will no longer pursue launching new styles every season, but will lead many typical styles to the classic way over time. Like the Drew series and the Faye series will continue to introduce more stylish style.

This season Faye Day joined the pony pattern that I particularly like. The leaping pony is full of cute bags. It’s so cute and innocent!

The new Roy bag launched last season also appeared on the T stage this season!This season, Roy’s body has added a color pattern. Compared to the monochromatic color of the previous season, the bag has a special literary feeling.

In fact, it is not difficult to find, including the above Roy and Faye Day,the most important element appeared in this show,is the Chloé classic pony design!The Chloé pony pattern is actually a tribute to the former designer’s love of equestrianism. The pony’s forefeet lifted off the ground and the back of the pony pose to make it look like it is particularly powerful. It is in fact very much in line with Chloé’s independent female spirit.

Chloé Roy Bucket One of the most popular bag in the pony pattern is Roy Bucket, my favorite one.The Roy Bucket bag has a very thin handle that can be worn either shoulder carry or hand-held. The material of the canvas at the opening is better than some cortical opening, and the canvas gives people a more casual feeling, adding more personality to this small bucket bag, and will not appear boring or too mature.

Chloé Tao Another surprises is that there is a Chloé’s bag called “TAO”.The first time I saw Tao, I thought it was a cool package. The square-shaped bag could give people a feeling of loose freedom. Tao has four handles all can be used. This design is a rare innovation in the bag.Chloé Tess At first glance, I saw this bag and felt it was a bit like Chloé Drew, but it was not the same. After careful looking, I realized this is another new bag from Chloé’s in this season.

The biggest difference between Tess and Drew is that they have a hand-held leather strap. The long shoulder strap also has another wide shoulder strap design. It is more casual than the Drew bag, and it is very suitable for the cool girl’, but also a perfect choice for usually casual outfit.

How do you like these new bags from Chloé? As one of my favorite brand,I am full of confidence in its future. I also wish you like my post sharing with you today.hope it will get better and better. I hope you also like to share with me today.

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