As Gentle As Spring–Chanel Classic Flap Bag In Lambskin From 2018

Maybe there is really no reason for a handbag aficionado to love a bag, but I was really curious about why so many women would be fascinated by Chanel classic flaps. However, the infatuation eventually hit me. If you asked me the same question now, I still can not say the reason, because there are so many reasons for anyone to love the Chanel Classic Flap Bags.

When you think “Chanel classic flap”, you probably envision a black quilted bag with gold hardware. However, the Chanel classic flap family is quite extensive and diverse. The flap comes in 7 different sizes with 3 of them specifically designated as “mini”. Each season, Chanel produces the classic flap in new materials and colors, which totally expands the possibilities and aesthetic of this seemingly traditional bag. What I recommend to you today is Chanel Classic Flap Bag In Lambskin from 2018.Chanel CF 2018

The silhouette of newcomers are still timeless, but the most eye-catching is each new color shows the classic flap’s ability to evolve with the modern woman.The new season mainly gives people a great surprise in terms of color. Many kinds of low-saturation macarons colors not only meet the theme of spring and summer but also give people a sense of beauty beyond the language description.Chanel CF 2018

What do you think of these new colors?As usual, each bag has its own gold and silver hardware, as well as its size for 20 and 25, and of course, the most adorable mini version are also available. With this beautiful color, they show the vitality and youthfulness as spring, but the eternal classic quality of Chanel Classic Flap Bag will never change.Which I personally love most is the following matcha green one, this color is just fantastic, I believe you will love it at first sight just like I did. Enjoy the pictures!

Chanel CF 2018

The classic flap bag embodies luxury in every aspect from the quality of materials to detail in the design. The Chanel classic flap is a dream bag. While we may search for other bags, it’s easy to come back to the classic flap because it is such a hero in a collection as it serves so many purposes while still looking classically chic.Chanel CF 2018

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