Keep You Waiting So Long–Chanel Crumpled Calfskin/PVC Backpack Bag

Haven’t you got a transparent bag yet?–Hurry up! Transparent might be the most fashionable trend in the future–Every brand has their own PVC bag, Chanel is absolutely the most popular one of them.Look at this–Chanel Crumpled Calfskin/PVC Aquarium Backpack Bag.Chanel PVC Backpack

Although I have seen a lot of PVC bags, the backpack one is really rare to see. I have to admire Chanel’s design inspiration always surprising us. It combines the most popular materials with the most practical shapes. Is it practical? You may ask, so let’s take a look.Chanel PVC Backpack

This backpack made with crumpled calfskin mixed PVC. The top features a leather flap with a transparent body. The flap resembles the iconic Classic Flap Bag, which is both gorgeous and stylish. You can store your essentials inside this compartment, but everyone will see it. Isn’t interesting? What’s more? If you have more important essentials that you don’t want anyone to see, you can simply use the vanity case below. Useful isn’t?

Chanel PVC Backpack

The flap is diamond quilted and the top comes with a woven chain leather handle. The pouch on the bottom is also diamond quilted.

I said it’s practical because it not only has enough capacity but also has many ways to carry. It can be carried as a backpack, you can also sling it on your shoulder. Or tote it all day long!

It comes in two sizes for 23cm and 26cm.These products are available on our website, leave me comments, add my What’s app or email me to get the purchase link and more details.We guarantee that you will receive the same products as the pictures showed on and descriptions.What you see will be what you get.

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