The Hottest Tote Bags–Dior Book Totes

Speaking of the hottest bag of the year, I have to mention the Dior book tote series. The returning of the monogram brings a retro feeling into the fashion circle. Many people love Tote Bag because they are usually large enough to have room to complete some special designs of patterns. Especially the large-area pattern or the reinterpretation of the classic monogram.

Just like the Dior Book Tote Bag In Embroidered Dior Oblique Canvas 2018, compare of the white&black Checkerboard version, many customers are preferring this blue one in Oblique Canvas. Its color matching looks more harmonious, right? You may think the tote bag will be leisure look so that they don’t match the formal clothing very much, no, it goes great with casual-chic clothing as well as formal clothing!

If you like something more bright, this orange one will be your best choice–Its price is more expensive than the other two because you may also see it, its pattern design is more elaborate, the process will be more difficult to do, but it is worth it, it looks so beautiful.

These products are in stock now, I would like to provide you with the best quality bags at a reasonable and competitive price. The pictures I post on here are the real products pictures, you will receive the same products as pictures showed on and descriptions. Contact me to get more details.


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