5 Must-have Things For Your Summer Holiday!

The summer holiday is approaching, I believe that most of you are already beginning to prepare the fashion items for your traveling. It’s exciting to look forward to this big long vacation!Today I’m going to list some must-haves recommendation of little things for your summer holiday!


Sunglasses have already proven its important position can’t be ignored in the fashion styling. An eye-catching sunglasses definitely will make you stand out from the crowd.As we all know that, the first place which will get other’s attention on your face, are your eyes. And also important thing is –the right sunglasses will not only brighten the whole outfit as an accessory but also protect your eyes from the strong UV rays in summer. What’s more?We forget the most point of the sunglasses’ necessity –They can modify different face shapes.

Saint Laurent Sunglasses $68USD

D&G Sunglasses With Crystal $118USD

Fendi Sunglasses With Pearl $68USD

Gucci Sunglasses With Bee $78USD


Protecting you from sunlight, matching your different style of clothes, help you to make a good pose when taking pictures, so many same reasons of why the hat also will be one must-have item. Just buy it! And even need to prepare more than just one, they are good looking and useful in summer! You will find out how much you need it during the journey.

Gucci Tiger Head Embroidery Cap/$58USD

Balenciaga Logo Printed Cap /$58USD

Gucci Summer Hat $55USD

Chanel Summer Hat $48-58


There is no woman on the planet that could say no to jewelry, it can give all of these good feelings to the woman–beautiful, stylish, charming, and sexy etc. They are sparkly and perfect design. Especially the earrings, it has a common said that the sexiest part of a woman is their ears. I do agree with that, look at these gorgeous and charming earrings, I pick some of them which are a bit of exaggerated shape can highlight the holiday’s good mood.Can you still keep calm when you see them?

The Dolce&Gabbana Earrings $100USD

The Chanel Earrings $78USD

The Chanel Tassel Earrings $68USD


We’re always on the hunt for any ways to make our everyday ensembles look more great, of course including during the journey.If you are going to spend your holiday on the beach, wearing a pair of slippers that are convenient and good-looking must be a very good choice.

Hermes Leather Slipper $98USD

Gucci Dog Head Slipper $80USD

Louis Vuitton Summer Trunks Monogram Sandal $112USD


I bet if you are a fashion girl, you just want all of your belongings are beautiful and fashionable!Of course, you will take the umbrella when you are going to trip, the weather is changeable. What if even the umbrella you holding in the rain or under the sun will also attractive and adorable?Like these, I show you in the below pictures.

Louis Vuitton Bear Umbrella $48

Supreme Umbrella $48USD

What do you think? Do you like my recommendation today?And is there anyone gets your attention? Just leave me comments to let me know! These products I mentioned in my post are all available on our website, and now they are on sales at a reduced price but in the best quality!you can add my What’s app and send me an email if you want to get the purchase link and more details.

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Hermès: 10 Things You Should Know About The Kelly

#1 Created by Robert Dumas in the 30s, the exclusive bag became popular after being spotted on the Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly in 1956, when she was shot carrying the bag to shield her baby bump from the paparazzi. Eventually, the photo made headlines worldwide and even graced (no pun intended) the cover of Life Magazine. The rest, they say is history, and the bag attained a new name that we have all come to know as the Kelly.

#2 The standard Kelly comes in 7 different sizes ranging from the K15 to the K40, with the more popular ones being the sizes in the middle including the K25, K28 and K32.

#3 Know the difference between the Kelly Sellier versus Kelly Retourne. The former is identified by its sharp boxy edges giving it its structured trapezoid shape, with stitches shown on the outside. The Kelly Retourne, on the other hand, has a relaxed shape, with the piping shown (the bag is essentially sewn and then turned inside out) for a softer, more relaxed look.

#4 The interior of the Kelly is also fully lined in leather, with a zip pocket and pouch slots within for the modern versions. And while most designer bags of today typically come with a canvas lining, Hermès has kept to the tradition of having its K bags lined with leather.

#5 All Kelly bags come with a thin leather strap, while some versions are equipped with a thicker canvas strap known as the Amazone. Today, you can purchase the Amazone straps separately, with seasonal variations in different colours offered from time to time.

#6 You might be familiar with the types of leather (Chevre Mysore, Clemence, Epsom, Togo) a Kelly typically comes in, but once in a while they come in more whimsical materials like Veau Doblis (suede), Picnic (Barenia and wicker) and Crinoline (horsehair woven with linen) amongst many others.

#7 Not to forget, precious exotics like crocodile, lizard and ostrich, which typically start from EUR20,000 and above as seen at Christie’s Auctions. The elusive Himalaya Crocodile Niloticus Kelly28 was sold for a whopping EUR93,750 at Christie’s latest Sacs & Accessoires Auction in 12 December 2017 in Paris.

#8 If you do come across pictures of the Kelly with a horseshoe stamp next to the logo, know that these bags are Special Orders (SO) for clients who are invited to customise and order their Kelly at specific times of the year. This includes choosing different colours on different parts of the bag, as well the mix of materials that can include exotics, and choosing special hardware details that do not come with standard Kelly offerings. While there isn’t a premium price for this service, prices vary between bags and are dependent on the materials chosen as different leathers come in different prices.

#9 The Kelly family of bags also extends to different shapes and variations, and are identified by the iconic turnlock clasp. Some of them include Kelly Cut (a long flat clutch), Kelly Lakis (extra front pockets), Kelly Pochette (a chic tiny pouch), Kelly Relax (also known as the Kelly50) and the Kelly Shoulder (super long top handle). Other limited pieces include the Kelly Doll – the cutest thing ever – that comes with a smiling face, hands and feet.

#10 Hermès’ accessories designer Pierre Hardy created a special Kelly that’s made entirely out of rose gold and diamonds. Well, it’s more of an art piece rather than an actual bag, one that has all the characteristics of the Kelly (with the clochette, padlock, single rounded handle and turnlock clasp), but rendered in rose gold croc scales and 1160 diamonds. Retailing at 1.5 million euros back in 2012, this isn’t your typical bag but it’s still the most expensive Kelly around today.

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Hermes Baton De Craie Bag

Hermes Baton de Craie Bag, it deserves your attention,this handbag is quite special as it is inspired by a Hermes piece from the 1920’s.

The Baton de Craie Bag is crafted with curvy round shape. The important is the leather as it feels luxurious because it’s made from Epsom Calfskin. This can be your next-great everyday bag because the style is streamlined, minimal and easy to pair with summer and winter outfits. Isn’t that called timeless?

The center features the masterpiece, which is a silver – palladium plated closure (perhaps there is also a gold version, or in the future). It comes with a long leather strap for cross body carry and of course, also shoulder carry. But the body is quite unique if you take look at the side. The bottom is chubbier than the top just like a wine bottle.

This bag fits all your basic essentials that are need to survive on daily basis. And maybe there is still room for some extra’s. This is not an oversized handbag, but are you looking for one as an everyday bag?

Thank you for reading,please contact me if you have any question,and if you enjoyed my blog,welcome to leave your comment and share with your friends!

 Do you like it?The top replicas are now available in our website,if you want more pics or details just contact me via:
Email: miawang1003@163.com
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