Best Time To Wear This Sneaker!

As much as we love the look of sky-high heels, we have to admit they aren’t made for the faint of heart. That’s why the sneakers have been the trend in the fashion circle from a long time ago. Now the summer is going to end and the Fall is coming, it’s the best season to wear a pair of nice sneaker! Hey, if you love sparkly things, you better sit down for this–the ASH Shiny Sneakers will definitely attract your eyes.

Handsome and cool lines, sparkling glitter splicing, light feeling and wearing comfortable, full of vintage and individuality. As for the shoes come in two colorways: the blue and pink, and for the extra pretty look, you will find more harmonious and detailed color matching in each color. 

These products are available for size 35-40 in stock now, I would like to provide you with the best quality bags at a reasonable and competitive price. The pictures I post on here are the real products pictures, you will receive the same products as pictures showed on and descriptions. Contact me to get more details.Leave comment or contact me via:
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5 Must-have Things For Your Summer Holiday!

The summer holiday is approaching, I believe that most of you are already beginning to prepare the fashion items for your traveling. It’s exciting to look forward to this big long vacation!Today I’m going to list some must-haves recommendation of little things for your summer holiday!


Sunglasses have already proven its important position can’t be ignored in the fashion styling. An eye-catching sunglasses definitely will make you stand out from the crowd.As we all know that, the first place which will get other’s attention on your face, are your eyes. And also important thing is –the right sunglasses will not only brighten the whole outfit as an accessory but also protect your eyes from the strong UV rays in summer. What’s more?We forget the most point of the sunglasses’ necessity –They can modify different face shapes.

Saint Laurent Sunglasses $68USD

D&G Sunglasses With Crystal $118USD

Fendi Sunglasses With Pearl $68USD

Gucci Sunglasses With Bee $78USD


Protecting you from sunlight, matching your different style of clothes, help you to make a good pose when taking pictures, so many same reasons of why the hat also will be one must-have item. Just buy it! And even need to prepare more than just one, they are good looking and useful in summer! You will find out how much you need it during the journey.

Gucci Tiger Head Embroidery Cap/$58USD

Balenciaga Logo Printed Cap /$58USD

Gucci Summer Hat $55USD

Chanel Summer Hat $48-58


There is no woman on the planet that could say no to jewelry, it can give all of these good feelings to the woman–beautiful, stylish, charming, and sexy etc. They are sparkly and perfect design. Especially the earrings, it has a common said that the sexiest part of a woman is their ears. I do agree with that, look at these gorgeous and charming earrings, I pick some of them which are a bit of exaggerated shape can highlight the holiday’s good mood.Can you still keep calm when you see them?

The Dolce&Gabbana Earrings $100USD

The Chanel Earrings $78USD

The Chanel Tassel Earrings $68USD


We’re always on the hunt for any ways to make our everyday ensembles look more great, of course including during the journey.If you are going to spend your holiday on the beach, wearing a pair of slippers that are convenient and good-looking must be a very good choice.

Hermes Leather Slipper $98USD

Gucci Dog Head Slipper $80USD

Louis Vuitton Summer Trunks Monogram Sandal $112USD


I bet if you are a fashion girl, you just want all of your belongings are beautiful and fashionable!Of course, you will take the umbrella when you are going to trip, the weather is changeable. What if even the umbrella you holding in the rain or under the sun will also attractive and adorable?Like these, I show you in the below pictures.

Louis Vuitton Bear Umbrella $48

Supreme Umbrella $48USD

What do you think? Do you like my recommendation today?And is there anyone gets your attention? Just leave me comments to let me know! These products I mentioned in my post are all available on our website, and now they are on sales at a reduced price but in the best quality!you can add my What’s app and send me an email if you want to get the purchase link and more details.

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Sharing Something Excellent With You

Today I learned about an excellent brand from another blogger. Although our website does not have any copy version of this brand by now, I still would like to share it with you because I really like the bag of them and I believe most of you will like it too.BALLY SUZY BAG IN PEACH

Maybe many people have already recognized this brand,Swiss luxury brand Bally is long known for its fine leather craft of shoes and bags.Among the many famous brand, BALLY can be said to be a unique one. Whether it is fashion, footwear or handbags, BALLY has always been fully committed to achieving a “whole shape” design concept, making its work full of charming temperament. Such as BALLY’s shoes and handbags, have similar design features, the same leather manufacturing, the same sewing method, and even the logo are the same, all based on the idea that BALLY to create a rich and diverse but it is still a perfect overall fashion world. BALLY SUZY BAG IN OCEAN BLUE

As time went on,BALLY enriched with an expertise in luxury leather goods. By now, Bally is better than ever. Long known as a brand synonymous with quiet luxury and timeless elegance, there is a new dynamic energy at the Swiss house.Bally is for that person who’s truly got a pulse on what’s cool, and who seems to be always on trend yet never trendy.BALLY SADDLE BAG WITH ROSE GOLD HARDWARE

I’ve just  showed three bags of Bally in this post,what do you think?Do you also like it as I do? Welcome to leave a message and interact with me. Thank you for reading and sharing.Leave comment or contact me via:
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